Friday, June 29, 2012

It Finally Caught Up To Me

The crappy economy, that is. Last week Thursday I was given my 60 day notice. Reason given, the company hasn't made enough money this year. They probably only made 9 million instead of 10 million. lol I knew what was happening before I walked into that conference room. There had been several other people scheduled before me, and people talk. But you can prepare yourself for something, and when it happens, it is still a shock. At least it wasn't "goodbye, there's the door". I'm not supposed to disclose details, but I did have the good fortune to work for a company that has a good severance package and support system. I also found out that I have a bit of a cheering section inside the company, and there are people who are willing to help me out with finding something. So, even though this is a hell of a scary time, divorced, 3 school aged kids, moving out on my own in the next couple of weeks, and now potentially unemployed, it could be worse. Hopefully it won't be worse.


astonysh said...

I wish you the best. This is not a good time to be looking, and no matter how talented you are, employers hate to even consider people who have passed their 45th birthday (35th in some countries, see the UK).

zoega59 said...

Hope everything is ok with you
Yes, I still have a break when we are talking about mailing each other.
Am not sure if we these days have anything in common