Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Margaret and Helen

A friend brought this blog to my attention.

Margaret and Helen

If you are at least a little left of center where American politics are concerned, you will love this blog. These ladies don't pull any punches. They are hilariously funny, but too the point.



cschumic said...

Hey Aunt Dawn,
I read the Blog from Margaret and Helen. I appreciate that she has her own opinion but I respectfully do not agree with her. As far as this health care bill goes Prolifers and Catholics are not necessarily trying to argue whether abortion or contraceptives are wrong (which we do believe)but the current issue is whether we still have the religious freedom to not be forced to provide something we believe is immoral. She touched on a few topics such as churches being exempt from the bill but I would like you to read an article that sheds the full light on that issue and others.

I believe that intelligent people will be willing to look at both sides of this argument. I read yours, now you read mine. :)

-Christianna Scott

"White House Misrepresents Its Own Contraceptive Mandate"


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