Friday, May 24, 2013

I am living in 1920 except for my cell phone

Last week Tuesday i was going to work, and there were signs that a road crew was coming through. Oh good, the road needs to be paved. It's very bumpy. Later that day, Tony tells me there is no internet or TV. Hm. So when I got home, I called Comcast. They send signals, they transferred me, they disconnected me, and finally they said they were going to send a technician out on Thursday. Kids not happy, but what can you do? Thursday the technician calls me and tells me that the road crew cut the cable. They are supposed to notifiy the utilities when they are out paving, so that the utility companys can come and make sure that the cables are taken care of. He will escalate it since we don't have phone, but he estimates that it will take one to two weeks for the county to come back out and fix it. Dearra had homework, so I had to take her to my sister's so that she could download a file. Tuesday I am home for lunch. I'm doing this every day, because I have a bottle baby (kitten) to feed. And there is the road crew digging a trench and laying a cable. Hooray! So when I get home that evening, I am expecting there to be TV, internet and phone. Nope, no dice. So after the twins' open house and concert, and after I eat, I am back on the phone with Comcast. After an hour and a half, they tell me their activation department will call me in the morning. Wednesday morning, no phone call. Wednesday evening before karate I call them, not expecting to get anything accomplished in a short half hour. After a few minutes, they tell me a technician will call me on Thursday, and that they will be out on the weekend. Thursday morning I get a call from Comcast. There is some sort of problem with permits, and that is what is causing the delay. Huh. Permits to fix a line that was already up and running? I don't understand. Maybe I should go back to DirecTv and AT&T. Sigh.