Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mom is Turning Over in Her Grave

Well this is probably guaranteed to get some folks hot and bothered, but I don't care. I'm feeling ashamed and embarrassed to be a Californian right now.

California Proposition 8 appears to have passed. Prop 8 essentially prohibits same sex marriages in California. The proposition was actually losing until a few weeks ago when the "Yes on 8" campaign took a new direction. They turned it into a parental rights issue.

Seems that same sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts and there are cases being cited of same sex marriage being in the curriculum in the schools there. Parents are not allowed to opt out of the curriculum there.

The "Yes on 8" campaign insists that it must therefore follow that this would also happen in California if 8 does not pass. Scare tactics. Even if this were to be taught in California schools, not a foregone conclusion, California has a parental "opt out" clause.

Unfortunately the scare tactics seem to have worked and now it is legal to discriminate against people who are born gay. In my mind, that is the same as discriminating against somebody for the color of their skin.

If your church has a problem with gay marriage, don't marry gays in your church. Simple as that. But keep that sort of thing out of our civil law.

There is always the California Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court and I hope that this proposition is overturned quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately many Christians forget that Jesus came to save those that were lost, lost from what? The presence of God in their life and spirit!...and they also forget that they at one time were in the category of lost and in need of His grace and mercy. And perhaps still haven't reached perfection. Though I do not feel the same about homosexuality as you do...I do feel that I am not to judge anyone (not to condemn them to hell)...for my wrongs are just as abhorrent to God as theirs and without Jesus I am just as worthy of condemnation. We are all HUMAN BEINGS with the need to be loved and accepted. If I show my care and concern for the PERSON the Lord will take care both of us through my hands and my heart. People respond to a loving example more than to judgmentla attitude.Jesus' example of eating and drinking (in that culture eating with someone was acceptance of them) with the publicans and tax collectors and his forgiveness of the woman caught in adultery (let him who is without sin cast the first stone) should be our example as Christains. If anyone had a right to JUDGE, the SON OF GOD did. Yet He chose to offer them His mercy and love instead. And if I am proud and haughty about my 'saved position' with God, He cannot use me for anything. In other words....look to your own soul...your own need for God's mercy and forgiveness...and let HIM deal with the spiritual condition of others.