Monday, October 20, 2008

MyLot - A Site that I do recommend

MyLot is a forum where you can go and get involved in almost any kind of discussion you can think of and get paid to do it! It's a different kind of social site where you can meet people from all over the world and talk about whatever topics interest you. You are paid for your posts. Longer, better quality posts will result in a better payout. The minimum for paypal is $10 and if you make payout by the end of the month, you will be paid the following month. You also receive a percentage of whatever your referrals earn, so refer lots of people and see your earnings grow!

Click here to sign up.


flowerhorn said...

Yep, Mylot is a lot of fun for a rookie in forum posting as you can practically post any thing in the forum. You won't get banned or warned. The worst it can get is your post will be deleted if you put a link in them.

I have seen people seeking downline and referrals for the programs they joined in Mylot. Some even seeking clients in it.

It is indeed a vibrant place to let off some steam as you can almost do anything you like in them. Mylot is my love!

Duwana said...

It would be nice if MyLot issued warnings instead of just deleting, but I can see how they wouldn't have time. MoraChat is much smaller and if it grows too much, the warnings may fall by the wayside. But I do know people who have gotten banned from MyLot, so it can happen there too!

Vandana Rawat said...

my lot is one site which i also recommend too. Actually i have a blog where i recommend only sites which are legit and paying. I have seen so many blogs full of banner of ptc sites which are scams

mommiesmakinmoney said...

I absolutely love mylot. It is by far my favorite of any paid to post forum though I have only been on a few to date. It's legit and it does pay plus we have the opportunity to learn so much from other people. I'm glad to be a member there. :)